Check out this amazingly beautiful video shot entirely with a Lumia 950

Windows phones are well-known for having some of the best camera’s built-in to them. Much of the work done with Microsoft’s Lumia line in terms of imaging can be attributed to Juha Alakarhu, who recently left Microsoft to head back to the reigns of Nokia. He was the head of the Lumia Imaging Group, placing him in charge for the overall quality of the optics in the devices. People around the world take amazing pictures and videos with their Lumia’s every day, which led to the creation of the #ShotOnMyLumia hashtag over on Twitter.

Now, we’re able to see the true power of the camera built-in to the Lumia 950, in a video created by Christopher Westerholm:

Westerholm, from Sweden, takes us on a weekend adventure with his Lumia 950 and shows the immersive depths and lighting that can be taken with the device, completely handheld. The video makes use of the standard camera functionality as well as the slow-motion mode, to create true depth on the smallest of objects.

The video was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and received the final polish in FilmConvert.


[Source: Winbeta]