How Five Aerospace Companies Are Using IFS Software

IFS Applications 10 Early Adopters panel at IFS World Conference 2018.The companies shared their experiences with IFS’ enterprise resource planning software at the 2018 IFS World Conference.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider IFS launched a number of new products this week at the 2018 IFS World Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition to the rollout of IFS Applications 10, which contains more than 500 new capabilities, IFS launched Maintenix Fleet Planner and Maintenix Line Planner. Fleet Planner, which focuses on long-range planning for heavy maintenance activities, was co-developed and launched with American Airlines. Line Planner, which aims to help planners create, maintain and communicate line maintenance plans more efficiently, was co-developed in partnership with Latam Airlines.

At the three-day conference, a number of aerospace and defense companies shared their experiences with implementing IFS software products. Read on to find out more about how the software is being used across the industry.