Nipun “Javatinii” Java Clicks His Way to 2nd Bracelet of the Summer in $1,000 Event

Nipun Java


It didn’t take Nipun “Javatinii” Java days to win a World Series of Poker gold bracelet. No, it only took them a little more than half a day. Java took on a field of 951 players and emerged victorious after just 14 and a half hours. For his victory, he won $237,668 as well as his second World Series of Poker gold bracelet of the summer after coming out on top in the $1,000 Tag Team Event back in June together with Aditya Sushant.

It was with 20 players left that Java first made it onto the radar. He picked off a bluff from “topkoks”who was running extremely hot at the time, eliminating three players in the span of 20 minutes. Java made a call with just top pair to pick off “topkoks” all-in bluff shove on the river to become the chip leader with 20 left. From there it was easy riding for Java to make the final table.

Java exchanged the chip lead several times with “WhyTry” who ended up finishing in 11th place for $13,211. In one hand, Java flopped a full house and was able to get tons of value out of “WhyTry” to put a stranglehold on the top position. Java then eliminated “AznBlazer469” in 10th place to come to the final table in second place just behind Jason “jadedjason” James who eventually finished 2nd.

Java stayed mostly quiet for the final table, picking good spots and waiting to have the goods to get it in. He eliminated Sean “Hurricane27” Legendre in 7th place in a cooler spot where Legendre had kings and “Javatinii” was holding aces. Again, during four-handed play, Java called a shove from Evan “YUDUUUUUUUUU” Jarvis, when Java was holding kings and Jarvis was only holding nine-ten off. Java held up and took the chip lead with just three players left.

Heads-up play lasted for a while with James doubling up first by winning a coin flip with pocket eights against Java’s ace-ten, but Java doubled right back with ace five against James’ pocket queens after an ace hit the turn. The end of it all came when Java flopped two pair against James’s flush and straight draws. The turn and river bricked out and Nipun “Javatinii” Java was able to take down the tournament and the $237,668 first prize.

PlacePlayer NameCountryPrize (USD)
1Nipun “Javatinii” JavaUnited States$237,668
2Jason “jadedjason” JamesCanada$146,202
3Richard “jklolz” TuhrinUnited States$103,326
4Evan “YUDUUUUUUUUU” JarvisCanada$73,911
5Vinny “Mr_Sinister” PahujaUnited States$53,595
6Jeffrey “Jeffrey27rj” TurtonUnited States$39,510
7Sean “Hurricane27” LegendreUnited States$29,415
8Steven “meditations” EnstineUnited States$22,185
9Stanley “stanman420” LeeUnited States$17,075

That wraps up Event #71: $1,000 Online No-Limit Hold’em but Saturday marks the beginning of Event #73: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event – World Championship, and PokerNews will be here with coverage of it all, so don’t miss a thing.

WSOP Online Event

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