Oracle Announces Java Champions

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Oracle has announced the names of more than 40 Java Champions who have been accepted into the program over the past year. Java Champions are professionals who do not work for Oracle, and who make significant contributions to the Java ecosystem.

Oracle says that:

“Java champions help spread the word for Java by actions including recording video interviews, Reddit AMAs, Blog posts, speaking at JavaOne, speaking at Code events worldwide, speaking at third-party development conferences, participating in User Group meetings and Meetups and participating in Oracle Code Online.”

In order to become a Java Champion, the candidate has to show leadership, influence and independence as well as technical excellence. Potential candidates are nominated by the current Java Champions, and selected by Java Champions through a peer review process.

Java Champions get the opportunity to provide feedback, ideas, and direction to Oracle about the Java Platform. This can be in technical discussions and/or community-building activities with Oracle’s Java Development and Developer Program teams. There are only 250 champions in total across the world, mostly drawn from the US and the EU. The Champion award is separate from the JavaOne rock star award which is granted to JavaOne conference speakers and based on attendee survey results. The champion list was originally organized and hosted by the Java.Net community website that was started by Sun Microsystems. Java.Net was closed down by Oracle last year.

Well known champions include James Gosling, founder and lead designer of Java; Joshua Bloch, designer and implenter of the Java Collections Framework and java.math package; and Doug Lea, who was on the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process, and was the chair of JSR 166 when concurrency utilities were added to Java.