Seven operators to start trans-Java bus service on May 27

Seven operators to start trans-Java bus service on May 27

Seven bus operators will take part in a trial run of a trans-Java bus service starting on May 27.

“We guarantee that [the service] will launch on May 27. The tickets can be ordered through the operators,” said Transportation Ministry Road Transportation Director General Ahmad Yani recently, as quoted by

The seven operators, which include Rosalia Indah, Sinar Jaya, Harapan Jaya and Lorena, will operate 34 buses between Jakarta and Surabaya, plus five buses owned by state-owned bus operator Damri.

The official said the concept of a trans-Java bus service was that buses would depart from Jakarta to Surabaya or vice versa without leaving the toll roads until reaching their final destination.

Ahmad expressed hope that the operators would offer feeder services at rest areas for those who wanted to travel to cities between Jakarta and Surabaya.

“For example, if there are passengers who stop in Tegal [in Central Java], the feeder service would take them from the rest area to the inner city,” he added.

The official said the government would not regulate the fares but added that to ensure their competitiveness, the fares should not exceed those of railway services between Jakarta and Surabaya.

“As long as the bus fares do not exceed the train fares, the trans-Java buses could compete [with the railway services],” he added.

Ahmad said the number of trans-Java buses would increase in line with demand. The Transportation Ministry would monitor passenger demand for trans-Java buses, he added. (bbn)