Weekly Review: 25 years of Java, Grafana 7.0, Stack Overflow Developer Survey & more


To 25 glorious years of Java!

Java has turned 25 years old! Here’s a tribute to keeping the tradition of Java programming alive and well. This article takes a look back at the history of the programming language, how it transformed an era, and how it excels today in multiple spheres.

Continuous Delivery Expert Check 2020 – CI/CD, security & rolling deployment (Part 1)

Last week, we launched the first part of our two-part series on continuous delivery and continuous integration, which are far more than simply buzzwords or emerging trends. Automation is advancing inexorably, especially on the DevOps scene. But how will CI/CD develop in the coming year? And why is delivering software continuously so important? For our big Continuous Delivery Expert Check 2020, we asked seven respected experts in the field about these and other topics. In the first part of our expert check, see what best practices can help ensure security and what type of deployment our experts prefer – blue/green deployment or rolling deployment?

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020: Developers love Rust, TypeScript and Python

Stack Overflow released the results of its latest annual survey. The Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020 shines light on the most beloved and most dreaded programming languages, the ones that are associated with the highest-paying jobs, and what developers do when they get stuck during coding.

Women in Tech: “The IT sector requires a lot of energy and will”

“It is harder to gain respect and authority when you are a woman, which I think applies not only to this field, but everywhere else,” said Nune Darbinyan, technical team lead at VOLO, when we interviewed her last week for our diversity series Women in Tech. Find out what else she had to say about being a woman in tech, how a day in her life looks, and what tips she can give.

Grafana 7.0: “We’ve built one of the best visualisation tools and it’s not tied to any one database”

The open source platform Grafana is among the world’s most popular dashboarding tools – it currently has more than 550,000 active installations and millions of users across the globe. We spoke to Tom Wilkie, VP Product at Grafana Labs, as Grafana announces the general availability of version 7.0 of its observability platform. Grafana 7.0 is set to simplify the development of custom plugins and make it easier for you to visualise your data.

source: jaxenter